Financial Aid

Arizona’s private school and corporate tax credit programs allow residents to transform tax credit donations into valuable tuition scholarships—helping families afford a Highlands Latin Phoenix education.

Arizona Private School Tax Credit Scholarships

Arizona families can offset the cost of a private school education using the private school tax credit program. This allows families to choose the educational setting that best suits their child. The program allows Arizona taxpayers to contribute their Arizona tax liability to a School Tuition Organization (STO) and take a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their state income tax return.

HLS Phoenix Staff is available to help guide families through the process of donating and applying for these funds. We encourage families to participate in this program as a recipient and donor. Any person that pays Arizona state taxes can elect to claim the tax credit and direct it to an STO to benefit HLS Phoenix. 

Arizona Corporate Tax Credit Scholarships

Corporations can also contribute and get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. If you own a business or know of a business that can utilize this program, talk with an HLS Phoenix staff member and we would be happy to discuss the opportunity with them.

Corporate tax credit contributions fund scholarships for deserving families at Highlands Latin Phoenix. 

For further information on the state laws governing these scholarships, please visit the Arizona Department of Revenue website’s pages on individual and corporate tax credit programs.

Questions About Financial Aid?

Anjali Tierney, Director of Development at Highlands Latin Phoenix, would be happy to walk families through the process of transforming tax credit donations into scholarships that directly benefit families at our school. She can be reached at

Video Explaining How Tax Credits Work