Principles for Success

at Highlands Latin Phoenix

Highlands Latin Phoenix incorporates the best aspects of both home-based and private education. Time at home strengthens family relationships, while time in our cheerful, orderly, teacher-led classrooms cultivates friendship, self-discipline, and respect for authority in an atmosphere of moral excellence. At Highlands Latin Phoenix, students, parents, and teachers work together in their distinct roles in pursuit a rich, delightful educational experience in the classical tradition. Please see our home page for more information on our unique vision, identity, and mission. Please also see a description of the virtue we seek to foster at Highlands Latin Phoenix. 

Two are better than one; because they have

a good reward for their labour. 

Ecclesiastes 4:9

Principles of Success for Parents

  • Read all enrollment documents carefully. These outline the responsibilities of teachers, parents, and students, including what to do if students miss a day of school.
  • Check students’ planners frequently and encourage students to refer to their planners on home work days in order to foster your student’s sense of accountability and ownership over school work.
  • Plan weekly activities carefully to allow sufficient time for daily school work. It is far more effective to study and material and complete work incrementally than to rush through work for the sake of completion.
  • Attend Park Days and school events! Help build a vibrant community of families at Highlands Latin Phoenix.