Kim DeGroff

Junior Kindergarten, Classical Studies

Miss DeGroff loves the opportunity to teach the sweet students at Highlands Latin Phoenix. She enjoys seeing them smile as they learn new concepts and expand upon their knowledge. Miss DeGroff is currently in school studying to receive a Bachelors of Elementary Education at Arizona State University, and is grateful for the foundation that her time at Highlands Latin Phoenix will lay for future experiences in teaching. Miss DeGroff looks forward to continuing to play a role in the growth and success of Highlands Latin Phoenix, and particulary enjoys the beautiful Memoria Press curriculum. 

Tiffanie Johnson


Mrs. Johnson loves teaching Kindergarten at Highlands Latin Phoenix Cottage School! She enjoys building strong relationships with the students and their families, and apreciates how beautifully inspiring, uplifting, and stimulating the curriculum and teachings are. Mrs. Johnson passionately cultivates a love learning in her classroom, and encourages her students to dream big and strive hard to reach their fullest potential through a growth mindset. 

Anjali Tierney

First Grade, Assistant Primary Enrichment Leader

Mrs. Tierney enjoys working with the first grade students at Highlands Latin Phoenix, and her students delight in her energy, creativity, and zeal for learning. She enjoys teaching from Memoria Press’s well thought-out curriculum, and particularly appreciates the structure that the Story Time Treasures program brings to reading instruction. Mrs. Tierney also takes great pleasure in reading beautiful, classic childrens books aloud to the students, which she has the opportunity to do frequently as the Assistant Primary Enrichment Leader.

Kristin Shaeffer

Second Grade, Primary Enrichment Leader

Kristin Shaeffer has a degree in Elementary Education. Whether it is sixth grade, fourth grade, second grade, piano, sports, musical theater, or general music, Mrs. Shaeffer loves camping, reading, and making music. Truth and excellence are her constant goal both in and out of the classroom!

Bryce Shouse

Composition, Literature


Ashley Vietor

Latin, Classical Studies

Mrs. Vietor began teaching middle shool Latin at a small private school in New Haven, Connecticut in 1996. From 1998-2002 she taught Latin I and II a boarding school for girls in Chatham, Virginia. After raising her six children, she went back to teaching Latin part-time at a private school in Phoenix, and now enjoys also teaching Latin and Greek Mythology at Highlands Latin Phoenix. 

Allison Gray

Greek, Literature, Classical Studies

Mrs. Gray earned her B.A. at Trinity International University in Chicago, IL, studying intercultural studies, counseling, and social services, and participating in the honors program.  For her senior thesis she examined a theology of beauty, and the relationship between Christianity and the arts, particularly literature.  Allison spent three years at Great Hearts Classical Academies, where she served as a teaching assistant and taught reading interventions to low-tiered students. She has written literature curriculum for Great Hearts, and homeschool curriculum for the Christian Character Formation Project.  Allison loves sharing her love for books and nature with her two children, hiking and reading Lord of the Rings with her husband, crocheting, burying herself in classical literature, and baking bread.

Ami Porter

Latin, Composition, Literature, Classical Studies

Mrs. Porter is currently teaching Latin Christiana, English Grammar and Composition, Greek History, and Eighth grade English Literature. Mrs. Porter ejoys deepening her own understanding of language, history, and literature through the classes she teaches. Mrs. Porter earned her Bachelors degree in Theater with a Music Minor. She teaches private flute and piano in the Mesa, AZ area and can also be seen acting in the local theaters.