At Highlands Latin Phoenix, we love the benefits that unity in dress brings to our school. Our uniform policy aims to foster academic focus, the development of our unique school culture, and a feeling of dignity and belonging in each student. The Highlands Latin Phoenix uniform provider is French Toast. Uniform items can be purchased at www.frenchtoast.com using the school code QS5MWDR.

Neatness in outward dress and appearance

reflects inner focus and discipline.

General Guidelines


Hair, Makeup, and Jewelry – Hair should be brushed and arranged neatly.  No unnatural colors.  Girls can wear subdued-colored nail polish. Pre-K through 6th grade may not wear makeup. Makeup for 7th and up, if worn, should be natural and not detract from youthfulness.  Jewelry should be minimal and not distracting.

Uniform – Shirts are to be tucked in at all times. Navy kick shorts or opaque tights need to be worn under the jumper or skirt at all times. When worn, knee socks are to be in place and not scrunched down.


Hair – Hair should be brushed or combed, no unnatural colors. No jewelry or piercings.

Uniform – Shirts should not be oversized. The shoulder seam should sit at the start of the shoulder cap.  Shirts are to be tucked in at all times. Pants are worn with a belt and should not be oversized, too long, or worn low. Socks need to be in place (not scrunched down).


*Starred items available from French Toast, no substitutions unless indistinguishable.

Non starred items are also available from French Toast, and are a great value.

Girls | Required

*Shirts: French Toast Short Sleeve AND/OR Long Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse, Light Blue

*Jumper/Skirt: French Toast V-Neck Pleated Plaid Jumper AND/OR Plaid Two-Tab Scooter, Blue and Gold

*Tie: French Toast Adjustable Plaid Cross Tie, Blue and Gold

*Kick Shorts: Navy Blue Kick Shorts, with jumper only (not required with Scooter skirt as it has attached shorts)

Socks: White opaque tights, knee socks, or fold-over socks

Shoes: Matte black leather shoes – Mary Jane, T-strap, or Oxford style (no colored embellishments)

Girls | Optional

*Sweater: Anti-pill Crew Neck Cardigan Sweater with HLS Phoenix embroidery

Hair Accessories: Navy, white or light blue hair accessories 

Boys | Required

*Shirts: French Toast Short Sleeve AND/OR Long Sleeve Dress Shirt, Light Blue

*Bottoms: French Toast Flat Front Adjustable Waist (or Pull On) Shorts AND/OR Flat Front

Adjustable Waist Double Knee (or Pull On) Pants, Navy

*Tie: French Toast Adjustable Plaid Tie, Blue and Gold*

Belt: Black leather belt

Socks: Navy blue dress socks

Shoes: Matte black leather shoes: Oxford or loafer style

Boys | Optional

*Sweater: Zip Front Sweater, Navy, with HLS Phoenix embroidery

French Toast often has valuable “percent off” coupon codes available, that can be found through a search on Google.

For questions regarding uniforms, please contact Highlands Latin Phoenix Director, Laura Hall.